Soca is a responsive administration template built using Yeoman, Grunt, Bower, HTML5, CSS3 and CoffeeScript.

26th Apr 2014


  • Stock level adjustment modal
  • SKU edit modal
  • Bootstrap datepicker functionality
  • Coloured table rows for stock levels
  • Added tooltips to each of the desktop menu items


  • Refactored JS to be more DRY
  • Modified the attachment JS methods to trigger on AJAX generated elements
  • Cleaned up the table commands and input styling
  • Refactored select tag styling in forms


  • Removed iOS rounding corners on input HTML elements
  • Fixed current menu class for attribute type index and form
  • Removed uglify from coffee watch in Gruntfile configuration
  • Added responsive styling to all tables
  • Disabled tooltip when using a touch device