Trado is a lightweight, easy to use ecommerce platform; designed to allow developers to quickly deploy a premium ecommerce store for their business.

26th Oct 2014


  • Created library class spec for the price range method
  • Created contact form functionality with validation and supported test suite specs
  • Added order_count attribute to product model so products can be sorted by popularity
  • Validate stock is available when adding new items to the cart
  • Removed the ElasticSearch and replaced with simple SQL LIKE search functionality
  • Integrated page editor functionality
  • Add a 'View your store' button to the administration sidebar
  • Added page title and meta description attributes for categories and products
  • Created helper messages to each of the form field sections within the administration area
  • Integrated a theme selector option for administrators
  • Added 'copy' countries feature when creating a new delivery service


  • Added warning message for starting the application without a config/settings.yml file present
  • Removed redundant JavaScript references in the administration assets
  • Refactored the price class to use attr_reader for instance variables (calling behaviour instead of data) and pass a Hash for the initialisation argument to improve readability and reduce breaking changes in the future
  • Refactored the product administration to utilise a state based attribute (enum) for published and draft, improving the attachment functionality in the process
  • Updated delivery service feature specs to select countries for the edit and new scenarios
  • Refactored the checkout process into a single page to provide speedy and scalable logic
  • Cleaned up and refactored the table actions partial and implementation
  • Removed the countries administration and set up relevant seed data within the Trado installation rake task
  • Removed country zone support and replaced


  • Fixed bug whereby the SKU stock attribute value was being doubled after creation as the stock level adjustment logic was being triggered
  • Fixed default image for attachment modal in product administration (relative paths to assets/images)