Trado is a lightweight, easy to use ecommerce platform; designed to allow developers to quickly deploy a premium ecommerce store for their business.

21st Feb 2015


  • Upgraded to Rails 4.2
  • Created a new variant options tool to enable a user to quickly create multiple variants for a given product, in turn providing a more user friendly experience
  • Setup Sidekiq and change actionmailer deliver methods to use the ActiveJob background processing
  • Modified payment errors for third party payment solutions so trends can be tracked and issues resolved promptly
  • Added a price range option to delivery service
  • Created new Inventory section which allows management of your store stock and individual SKUs
  • Added tracking functionality to delivery services
  • Reintroduced testing support for 2 commonly used relational databases: PostgreSQL and MySQL
  • Added preview functionality for images when creating/editing a product


  • Improved the UI for product relations and renamed SKUs to variants to provider a more user friendly experience in administration
  • Removed attribute type admin templates and create seed records in the installation task
  • Converted all admin HAML templates to ERB
  • Removed hard dependencies from the application, e.g. Unicorn, Rollbar and New relic and Postgres
  • Changed order dispatch functionality to be instant dispatch, rather than setting a date
  • Added a currency prefix to all price related input fields


  • Fixed store settings so the updated version of the record is properly cached