Trado is a lightweight, easy to use ecommerce platform; designed to allow developers to quickly deploy a premium ecommerce store for their business.

6th Oct 2016
Please note, this version has breaking changes for Paypal support. Update both the Paypal module and your Trado installation.


  • New autosave functionality for products!
  • Added new clock icon to order administration to indicate if a delivery time has been specified already for a pending order delivery
  • Set up support for the new MailChimp module


  • Benchmarked and improved response times for delivery service amendments in the admin area
  • Modified Address model to now have a HABTM model relation with the Country model
  • Removed redundant cart session for delivery and countries (basket delivery estimate has been deprecated for now)


  • Fixed order dispatch email Sidekiq job to include dispatch dates in the past
  • Cleaned up a bunch of Date/Time declarations in order to adhere to timezone rule within the application
  • Fixed bug whereby the wrong product ID was being assigned to the product form in administration
  • Fixed popular countries db query
  • Fixed bug with email format validation failing due to trailing whitespace
  • Moved set_grouped_countries method to CartBuilder concern in order to share with PayPal module gem