Trado is a lightweight, easy to use ecommerce platform; designed to allow developers to quickly deploy a premium ecommerce store for their business.

17th Oct 2016
Please note, this version has breaking changes for Paypal AND Stripe support. Update the Paypal module, Stripe module and your Trado installation.


  • Support for the new Stripe Payment Module
  • Dashboard now shows delivery fee data
  • Added current theme name to JS global scope


  • Improved order success and failed action security by storing order id in session
  • Modified success and failed url paths to /orders/success and /orders/failed to be more friendly to analytic funnels
  • Updated name of method originating from the PayPal Module


  • Fixed security bug for the order success template
  • Changed product association URLs to utilise Product ID instead of Product slug (slug is too unreliable)
  • Fixed bug whereby archive record updates for Sku, DeliveryService and DeliveryServicePrice were failing in administration
  • Removed Turbolinks JS support in administration due to unreliable data
  • Cleaned up code design for the Price class