Trado is a lightweight, easy to use ecommerce platform; designed to allow developers to quickly deploy a premium ecommerce store for their business.

18th Nov 2016
Please note, this version has breaking changes for the application secrets file. Please update your secrets.yml to the new format.


  • Brand new localization for the administration area, translators contribute here
  • Introduced new modal for additional Transaction data in order administration
  • Created new configuration for 'Deploy to Heroku' button (see deploy/heroku branch)


  • Removed old 'secret_token' method from pre Rails 4
  • Moved Redis server url to application secrets
  • Cleaned up the environment configuration files
  • Cleaned up application secrets to provide clarity


  • Fixed Google Fonts asset to use https instead of http
  • Fixed sku variant url paths in administration to use Product Id and not Product Slug
  • Fixed missing image in Redlight email template