Trado is a lightweight, easy to use ecommerce platform; designed to allow developers to quickly deploy a premium ecommerce store for their business.

9th Dec 2016


  • New multi-stock assignment for Sku stock management
  • New edit modal functionality on Order summary page
  • Stripe Charge Id in the Transaction data modal link through to the Stripe website


  • Updated Sidekiq configuration file
  • Refactored Page model form in administration
  • Added new data to the Order index template in administration
  • Cleaned up the order summary page layout
  • Added 'No data available' notice for the Pie chart diagram
  • Introduced new adjusted_at attribute for StockAdjustment to improve history accuracy


  • Fixed bug with single? method in Product model whereby it was counting inactive Sku records too
  • Fixed tracking? method in Order model
  • Fixed admin Order update to trigger new delivery email when changing consignment number
  • Fixed stock validation bug for Sku duplication
  • Fixed bug where StockAdjustment calculation for Sku stock was triggering multiple times during duplication logic